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Experienced in construction and maintenance of photovoltaic plants. We develop monitoring tools that solve problems.

MONSOLclic (formerly Monsol) was created in 2005.
MONSOLclic is the trademark of enerclic for monitoring and data integration systems of services related to energy and especially the photovoltaic sector and the monitoring of inverters, meters and other equipment, signals or data required in photovoltaic plants or consumption measurement.

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Thanks to our experience in the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic plants, we have been able to develop useful and dynamic monitoring tools that allow us to analyze and solve the usual problems of all kinds, which we have been finding and solving in all our installations and those of our customers, acquiring an experience that has made us a versatile, robust and effective company to face all the difficulties and share our solutions.

We have more than 15 years of development, experience and success behind us, with more than 2,500 MWS monitored and more than 500 satisfied customers.


Continuous growth is the basis of our company philosophy, innovating every day to offer the best service and attention to our customers. From MONSOLclic we are committed to give the best quality/price knowing the special circumstances of the market and each of our customers.

Our monitoring and control system MONSOL V12 and our monitoring equipment for photovoltaic installations offers our customers the tool for supervision and control, keeping their installations at the best performance and profitability.

"Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from others."

Steve Jobs

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Our goal is customer satisfaction.


A solution in time is a problem solved


An impossible problem is an achievable goal.


The sum of the collective effort is greater than the individual effort 2+2=5.