Programa DUS 5000

Ayudas para Ayuntamientos
proyectos de energía limpia

Self-consumption kit Public Building

Grants for municipalities for clean energy projects

Scope: demographic challenge municipalities (<5000 inhabitants).

Self-consumption kit Public Building

85% subsidy to municipalities

  • Enclosure (box/panel) and internal electrical switchgear
  • 2 network analyzers (generated and consumed from the network) CcM
  • CcMaster NBIoT intelligent equipment
  • Radiation and temperature probe
  • Information screen or data display system: weather, consumption, radiation and generation.
  • Informative screen program
  • Scada or supervisory program
(Optional: collective self-consumption, ask for a quotation)

Self-consumption kit for Public Building + Intelligent Public Lighting

100% subsidy

All of the above +

  • Network Analyzer (CcM)
  • CcMaster NBIoT
  • Improved street lighting
(For each control panel or street lighting distribution panel)