Digital Information Display

Pantallas, Paneles y Kioscos Informativos digitales.

The informative screen shows in a personalized way the general information of the photovoltaic installation, indicating parameters such as: production of the photovoltaic installation, the consumption of the installation and the energy exported and consumed from the grid.

It also includes the visualization of current and one-week forecast weather parameters, as well as data of ecological interest of the photovoltaic installation such as: the avoided CO2 emission to the atmosphere and the number of trees that would be necessary to absorb the CO2.

The content of the information screen can be customized by displaying the customer's corporate colors, languages, logos, photographs and videos that the customer wishes to project along with the data of the monitored photovoltaic installation.

We also offer

Informative panels:

They are digital information screens that include furniture or stand to create informative spaces.

Information Kiosks:

They are digital information panels with an interface (touch screen, pad, keyboard...) that allow the user to interact with the information.